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I am a Love and Communication Coach, Healer and Life Celebration Specialist


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What is a Love and Communication Coach?


Client Testimonials

“A few months ago, I was a mess… Angry, brittle, shallow and obsessed with filling my life with possessions, money and a false sense of manly confidence. My marriage was simply a piece of paper that was allowing us to hold it together. My friendships and personal connections were shallow and self serving and the overall excitement in my life was drained.
A 30 minute phone call with Brad literally changed everything. He is a spiritual adviser that will put you through the ringer emotionally. He truly listens to your issues like a counselor, processes the information and then immediately calls you out on your BS, like a best friend. He has a real gift. He will get you where you are truly meant to go. I’ve never met anyone quite like Brad. Give him 30 minutes and he’ll change your life!”
— Lennon Wiser (Business Owner, Father and newly found student of Life and Love)
“Brad’s insightful and kind, yet direct approach has allowed me to make the most profound positive changes I’ve ever experienced in my life. Because he lives his truth and has gone through the flames and challenges personally, Brad has been able to provide the guidance, support, and space for me to let go of beliefs that kept me from realizing my true potential. His love and authenticity sets him apart in a sea of coaches and “gurus.” Brad sent me on my path from fear to love and I’ve been floating more, steering less, and experiencing true joy and gratitude ever since.”
— Mark Shays (Chief Dream Engineer, SHFT Productions, Father of 3)