How to handle “being triggered” in life

Tired of your emotions getting the best of you? What triggers you the most?Myself and Fluffy the Duck show you how to handle some of life's most challenging emotions.

Brad and Fluffy walk you through the steps of 1. Being triggered 2. Taking a deep breath 3. Feeling your feelings before reacting 4. Acknowledging the hurt or pain 5. Taking time to process, sometimes alone 6. Coming back and having a healthy discussion for healing.

Thank you for watching and feel free to share if it resonates with you.

Woke Ass Relationships

What does it feel and look like to have a “dope and amazing woke ass romantic relationship?” Are you curious? I sure am.

On my own journey to healing my romantic relationships have been very challenging and difficult. They have highlighted all of my insecurities and deepest fears of being vulnerable and possibly left alone. I speak to people every single day who are absolutely terrified to get hurt.

Having a “woke ass relationship” is not some silly simple thing. It takes both people to be willing to be raw, open, honest, vulnerable and willing to be completely uncomfortable numerous times over. Woke ass relationships are truly possible but you have to be willing to do the deeper internal emotional work. If you are your entire life will shift!