What is Communication?

One of my all-time favorite things is communication! Knowing how to communicate in all of it’s various forms is critical to your life working properly. Being curious about authentic communication makes everything possible when you are willing to take responsibility for your upbringing, what you experienced as a child, the friends you hung out with and any past hurts or pain that could still be lingering in your psyche. I myself am so passionate about helping others become excellent communicators so that their lives work effortlessly like never before and there is a new ease, joy and freedom experienced daily!

I hope this video breaks down communication in all of it’s glory and resonates deep within your soul.

Do you know how to TRULY LISTEN?

Listening is such a profound skill that so many of us take for granted every single day. Do you KNOW if you truly listen? Do you KNOW if you are a good listener? What does it mean to be a good listener? Has someone close to you ever said, “you are not listening to me?” Are you ALWAYS ready to start talking even before the person you’re talking to isn’t done speaking?

I hope you take serious time and ponder if you are willing to become a GREAT LISTENER! Listening is a gift that we give to others where they feel completely heard and gotten. Take the time to listen to all of those around you when they speak. Being a GREAT LISTENER will absolutely change your life forever.